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What if a client and contractor disagree?

Ditto assumes that both contractor and client have all intentions of creating an open, positive working relationship. When used correctly, with good intentions and open communication, Ditto is designed to prevent disputes before they arise.

When a contractor believes that a Phase is complete and requests payment, the client may reject that request. If the client does not approve the release of funds, he must provide the contractor with the reasons for rejection, giving them an opportunity to remedy the situation.

The contractor will then perform updates or work as requested and re-submit the payment request via Ditto. Should the contractor disagree with the client’s assessment and request, the project will be considered “in dispute.”

We expect that all reasonable efforts will be made to come to a resolution. Ditto won't get in the middle of your relationship or particular issue, and Ditto is not liable if the contractor and client have disputes that require legal mediation or intervention.

Ditto will not release funds being held in escrow without either the unanimous consent of both contractor and client or a legal order to do so.

Please see our contract for full details on this dispute policy. All contractors and clients must agree to this contract in order to work through Ditto.

Updated on: 05/10/2022

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